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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 5, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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temperatures will be in the mid-90s, feeling like over 100. severe storms are possible yet again. collin getting stronger. it could be classified a tropical storm by the end of today or tomorrow. storm reports from yesterday. baltimore county, stevenson, outside of stevenson, winds between 55 and 60 miles per hour, knocking down trees. more storm damage to our west. most of the storms overnight, falling apart. resurgence of energy in the front ridge. hancock and maryland. we could have morning sprinkles. acting on 75, just a muggy start and the chance of really strong or severe thunderstorms this afternoon. at 6:00 this morning, let's go to the roads. here's alexis. >> last night's storms brought in some debris. debris across the area. if traveling southbound 29 from columbia down silver spring. you have no problems to report
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there. things are looking good. i-70 in both directions. no incidents or accidents being reported. cameras, 95, north of i-195, the northbound side looking more congested. no delays being reported in this area. elsewhere, the harrisburg expressway, traveling southbound looking good. no problems on the northbound or southbound side. taking a look at our drive times right now, we have a five-minute ride from bel air road to providence road. 95 southbound from white marsh boulevard to the beltway. one-minute on the outer loop from harrisburg expressway to the jfx. jamie? it's one minute after 6:00: this dog story isn't sitting well in anne arundel county. you are upset, so is the county executive. bear-bear took a bullet at a severn dog park where he often played. sherrie johnson with the once off, now back on investigation. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, that's right we're here in federal hill at this park right here where many people bring
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their dogs to come for walks. the anne arundel police department is reopening a case after a man shot another man's dog at a community park. this all happened on monday at the quail run dog park in severn. the man handling a siberian husky says his dog was playing with a german shepherd when the german shepherd became aggressive. he said he called out for the handler to help separate the dogs, but the owner said before he could, the man shot the dog. >> he doesn't deserve a gun, he doesn't know how to be responsible with a firearm. >> reporter: the unidentified gunman told police the dog attacked his dog and tried to bite him. police actually closed the case, but have since reopened it
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because of public outrage. reporting live in federal hill, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. this is one of those stories that has you fired up. kimberly strauss says: sad story, sounds like someone was trigger happy. he's a big bully. diana: i'm sure these two dogs aren't the first dogs to get in a fight at the dog park, but i'm positive no one has ever had to pull out a gun to break up the fight. head to our facebook fan page, leave your comments and you might see them on the air. baltimore city police arrested a man accused of trying to run over an officer at an impound lot on tuesday night. lynne wood williams tried to take off from an impound lot without paying his fee. after being told to stop, he didn't, williams ran into the officer and took off.
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he faces charges of assaulting a police officer and reckless endangerment. as abc2 news linda sow tells us, a hearing may go a long way to improving protection for women. linda? >> reporter: in the past it wasn't uncommon for a baltimore cop to dismiss a rape claim before investigating it, but from now on, the police commissioner says that will not happen. bealefeld admitted that many rape claims haven't been taken seriously. the police commissioner answered tough questions about why officers ignored tons of rape cases. his department identified more than a hundred cases that'll be reviewed with little or no investigation. the council members are worried that might not be enough to get justice for many of the victims, even if police decide to move forward, the state's attorney said her office will only prosecute what she called viable cases and in incidents where no
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report was taken, evidence might not exist. >> we have failed sexual assault victims in baltimore. and we have an enormous amount of work to do with our partners to restore the public trust and confidence. >> reporter: now the commissioner says changes to the system have already been made. from now on, an officer responding to a rape call cannot dismiss the victim ease claim as unfounded, but must forward it to detectives. 6:05. a baltimore city police officer pleaded not guilty to charges that he shot and killed a man in mount vernon. sham about atshamba -- tshamba says his client acted appropriately. >> he was always a police officer. there was never a point in time,
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prior to the incident or after the incident that he was not a police officer. so... um, and, in terms of what he did on that night um, his actions, i believe were consistent with his training. >> tshamba was off duty at the time of the shooting. patrons were spilling out of nightclubs in the mount vernon neighborhood. a judge says a woman who starved her son to death as part of a religious cult is making progress. prosecutors agreed to the deal after determining she was brainwashed by cult leader queen antoinette. bp officials plan to begin forcing cement right down the blown out gulf oil well in the next day. the announcement came last night shortly after their plan was proved by the federal official in charge of the oil spill.
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the company plans to push cement down beginning on thursday. crews were able to force down the oil with mud. 2-and-0 for the bucks in baltimore. orioles hang on for a 9-7 win over the angels last night. they hit the ball last night. brian matusz and jeremy guthrie have allowed four runs and no walks. jake arrieta is on the hill tonight for the orioles at 7:05. justin? 6:07. as we take a look outside this morning, very muggy start after a stormy night. 75 degrees in baltimore. 76% humidity. we could do it again. we have a heat advisory. temperatures in the mid-90s and the threat of severe weather this afternoon. more on that coming up. 6:07. let's take a peek at traffic
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with alexis. >> we have traffic building on the beltway, no reports of delays or incidents. we have one detour to tell you about. looking at our maps right now in towson. gas main work. one lane blocked on dumbarton road. northbound 95, two lanes closed at the fort mchenry tunnel. we'll talk about that next. airlines carry thousands of pets all year long with no problems, so what happened on an american airlines flight that left seven puppies dead? she's the daughter of a former mayor, why did she spend part of her night in jail? young ones are now preparing for the first day of school. we will have five things to expect from your young ones as they enter this new and exciting phase of their lives. some people don't notice the difference between meat... and mystery, when they enter... the frozen zone. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery. just real all white-meat.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. it's time to head back to school before you know it. for pre-schoolers they'll be learning lots of new things for the first time.
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in this morning ease take five, linda sow tells us five things to expect from your to the developmentally. >> reporter: when kids go to pre-school, it opens up a world of learning. from writing to reading and following directions. your to the will make huge strides. the first thing to expect from your pre-schooler is an eagerness to learn and try new things. >> children come home and want to start writing letters, they're going to want to start showing you their artwork, start showing you things they're learning on the computer where maybe they didn't have an interest the first month or so of school. >> reporter: when it comes to social and emotional development, your pre-schooler should know how to take turns and share with friends. >> you'll see empathy. they're going to learn that in school, caring for others. you might see them, showing a little bit more of that. >> reporter: pre-schoolers learn
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a lot through playing and enjoy being around other children. the third thing to expect is a busier social calendar for your little ones. >> they're going to ask for play dates. >> they'll be making friends. >> reporter: when it comes to intellectual development, pre-schoolers should be able to communicate their needs and ideas. >> they need to be able to say "i'm sorry" and "i forgive you." . >> reporter: linda sow, abc2 news. now tomorrow on good morning maryland: five things to do on the first day of pre-school to make sure it goes nice and smooth. now it's time for your white marlin open report. lots of fish weighed in last night, but nobody cracked into the money. it's going to be able to beat
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the 1,010 pound blue hauled out of the water. awards ceremony coming up on saturday. see you at 4:00 for the weigh-in. here we go, justin. we take a look at ocean city right now. storm center weathernet. temperatures in the upper 70s. maryland's most powerful doppler radar. high humidity, could be patchy fog after last night's storms blew through the eastern shore. no organized rain at this time. from ocean city, interest will be out across the atlantic because of that storm we were following earlier in the week. tropical storm collin has been downgraded. i keep saying carlin. megan pringle, on her anniversary. it's a tropical convergence zone. birthing ground for more storms that fire up into early next week. there we go, collin, not a tropical system, at least organized as of yet. the hurricane center indicating there's a 40% chance this thing
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may turn back into a tropical storm. organized winds of 40 miles per hour by the end of today or tomorrow. takes it off the east coast by the end of the weekend. churning up the waves and maybe adding in rain along the beaches. we'll have to follow this one closely for you. back home, we have our own problems to worry about. we had a flair up of severe storms yesterday. intense lightning, some minor wind damage in baltimore county near stevenson. other-wise, temperatures 75 this morning. in town. we have 73 in easton. patchy fog on the eastern shore. york and hagerstown to our north and west at 72 degrees. not much organized this morning, there's been a couple sprinkles and blips showing up. maybe a little mist and fog. this band of rain trying to hold tight through central maryland approaching hagerstown. could be leftover showers out of the mountains. back towards the west, all this organized energy is coming from. coming out of the great lakes, a strong cold front, the front itself looks pretty active in
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western new york near buffalo and rochester, extends down south of indianapolis and near st. louis missouri. now this front is going to act on the heat we have in place and high humidity. we have a heat advisory this afternoon. where 95 could feel like over 100 in many spots. the humidity drops behind that front. that's going to spawn storms that could turn severe this afternoon. 95 our two-degree guarantee. the heat advisory means it'll feel like over 100. risk of severe weather after 3:00 this afternoon. it settles down, we clear out overnight. 72. we'll start off muggy in the morning and drop the humidity in the afternoon. still hot though with a high of 92. check on the roads right now, here's alexis. >> thanks, justin, we're getting reports of an accident on the inner loop. use caution approaching that ramp. elsewhere around the beltway, we're seeing increased volume. looking at our cameras right now. liberty road, inner and outer loops, starting smoothly right
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now. be careful, could get congestion quickly. elsewhere, we have some, on the west side of the beltway again. drive times right now, nine minutes, northbound 95 from route 100 to 395. southbound 29 uh, between route 70 and route 32. nine-minute ride there. six minutes between i-70 and i-95. looking at our maps. we have that gas main work in towson. northbound dumbarton road, one lane is closed. northbound 95, lanes four and five, as you approach the fort mchenry tunnel are closed. gates are shut down due an accident that happened yesterday. continuing to investigate that. gabriel bernie is celebrating her 6th birthday today. her mom and dad watch good morning maryland and wanted us to wish their little girl a happy birthday. if you're having one, send us a
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short e-mail with an attached photo of your friend or family member to get them here about a week in advance, okay? they were enjoying their nice day on the boat and then they were jumping for their lives. imagine if someone asked you to give away half of your money. if you have millions, it might not be that big of a deal. let's find out about business from new york. >> reporter: we begin your moneyscope report with help. apparently on the way for states that need cash. the u.s. senate passed the $26 billion emergency spending bill yesterday. republicans largely opposed it because of budget deficit concerns. the house is expected to pass the bill shortly so the president can sign it. the aid would help states and tens of thousands of teachers on the payroll. a trade group is reporting job growth in the economy
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service sector in july. the institute for supply and management says it's the seventh straight month of growth. employers like hospitals, shops, restaurants and airlines have been adding jobs all year. the federal government's monthly employment report comes out tomorrow. toyota made a big rebound in the last quarter. the company made a $2.2 billion profit from april through june. the profits indicate the company is bouncing back from the public relations beatings it took during its recent recalls and questions about vehicle safety. if you're taking a trip to chicago: the tax man is going with you. the national business travel association found a 3-day business visit to chicago cost $101 in state and local taxes. that's the most in any major u.s. city. some of the richest people in the world are ready to give-a-way money. 40 billionaires are following a call from warren buffett and
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bill gates to give their money to charity. they came up with the idea when discussing how the recession brought down donations to charity. that is your moneyscope report. i'm vinita nair.
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we may need that radar today. 6:22. after last night's storms blew through with a tremendous light show, today we have a heat advisory.
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temperatures reach about 95. heat index values over 100. fuel for the next round of storms, expected after 3:00 p.m. there's a slight risk they turn severe. damaging wind and large hail, isolated twister. this front comes through and knocks steam out of the air. tomorrow a drop in the humidity through the afternoon. it will improve, aiming for about 92 under a partly cloudy sky. weekend shaping up nice. saturday afternoon, sun at 88. up to 90 on sunday. we climb back into the mid-90s for the middle of next week. 6:23, let's go back to the roads. >> we are getting reports of an accident on the outer loop of the beltway, quarantine road. on the ramp to quarantine road. it has the ramp blocked. find another route this morning. looking at our drive times right now, we have a one-minute ride on the outer loop of the beltway to the jfx. five minutes, 83 southbound from shawan road to the beltway. jfx from the beltway to northern
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parkway. looking at our cameras right now, we have no problems to report on the top side of the beltway. northeast corner, harford road. traffic is flowing freely. on the harrisburg expressway, 83 southbound at warren road. this looks good too. no reports of incidents or problems. i'll tell you how the rest of your commute is shaping up next. caroline giuliani, 20-year-old daughter of the former mayor rudi giuliani spent part of last night behind bars. she was arrested for stealing several items from an sephora. store managers didn't want to press charges, but police arrested her on a petty larceny charge. former dancing competitor kim kardashian is launching a luxury line of earrings. the college will have diamonds, rubies and other pricey stones.
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they start at $10,000. all right: the woman who crashed the white house state dinner will auction off her dress that she wore the night she did it. michelle salahi plans to put the dress up for sale. did you watch the view yesterday? fireworks with whoopi goldberg? whoopi walked off the set. the proceeds from the auction will benefit haiti earthquake victims and multiple sclerosis. salahi is one of five women premiering in a series about d.c. housewives. a family is mourning the loss of their dog this morning. they say his death could have been prevented. police reopen a case where a man shoots another man's dog at a dog park. hear what other pet owners have to say. hey, smart, we could stay here for the conference.
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the commissioner and the state's attorney tell us how they plan on protecting us when it comes to rape cases. it's monster jam 2010, a car rolls up and over a police cruiser. couple overboard after their yacht catches fire on the hudson. find out how they made it out
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alive. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. megan has this day off. let's look at weather, we made it through last night, didn't we? >> it was all about the light show that blew through. i know you saw it. carol, baltimore county, southern pennsylvania. this thing just exploded between about 8:00 and 9:00. light show. they gave us some minor wind damage. this morning, leaving us with mugginess after a little rain. anywhere from a quarter to half an inch. 76 degrees this morning, anne arundel community college with heat index now at 79. heat index will be a factor today. high humidity and temperatures pushing their way up into uh, the 90s. it's not going to be comfortable. here's maryland's most powerful doppler radar. high humidity and fog around the bay. sprinkles this morning. we're highlighting the fact there are storms back to our west near hagerstown. this in martinsburg right now. possibility it rides along i-70 between 7:00
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